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Contact: The Management Board: Mrs. Emami, Mrs. Fattahi and Mrs. Zomorodian Education Fee: School Fees: Pre-school & Primary classes: £110 per term, Secondry School: GCSE & A-Level Stages: £140 per term. Admin Fee: £10 will be charged for the 1st child on the day of registration , but this will be free for the 2nd child or more. Registration Date: Enrolment and Registration will start on Saturday 9th September 2017 at 12.30 pm and classes will begin in the same day at 1.30 pm. Maths Classes: Also Hadaf school is ready to support children in Maths lessons up to A - level on request on separate fees. Email:hadaffarsischool@yahoo.co.uk or hadafpersianschool@hotmail.co.uk Please contact us on: 077 2371 3266 or 0745 325 25 80 for any enquiry. Note 1: All fees are due within two weeks of the term beginning. Late payments will be disqualify clients from any discount and pupils may be withdrawn from class. Note 2: All parents need to come to school to collect their chilren at 4.30 pm, as Hadaf Persian School has commitment to submit the classes to Woodhouse College straight away after 4.30 pm every Saturday, as Hadaf Persian School classes time begins from 1.30 to 4.30 pm every Saturday and our Half Terms Holidays are same as English Schools and are been stated in our Academic Programs on the Home Page.

Congratulations to Hadaf Persian School for their Silver and Bronze Award for their Standards in Education

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